Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Benefits of Oily Skin

each skin type has its own perks and there are many benefits of oily skin too. The key is to strike a balance and create a regular skincare habit that fits your skin condition. 

6 Surprising Benefits of Oily Skin

1. Oily Skin Age Slower

Having oily skin lessens the impact of wrinkles before they appear without the need to rely on heavy moisturizers.

The sebum that is naturally produced in the skin wards off wrinkles better than dry skin because the oils keep skin smoother and moisturised.

The excess sebum also works as an occlusive moisturizer that creates a protective barrier on the skin’s surface to keep the skin hydrated and prevent water loss. 

2. Enjoy Youthful Skin Longer

Since your skin naturally produces more than enough sebum, fine lines and wrinkles appear at a later age than people with other skin types.

Excessive sebum production also means that your skin is getting more vitamin E, which is an antioxidant that helps keep your skin supple and protected from environmental changes. The lack of vitamin E reduces your skin’s protection against free radicals and increases the risk of cellular damage.

So the more sebum you produce, the more protected your skin is from environmental stresses, such as sun and air pollution. 

3. Smoother and Thicker Skin

If you have oily skin, the thickness and moisturizing factor that you naturally have can go with any kind of environment be it a rigid cold or sunny day. The natural skin sebum that you work so hard on getting rid of is actually the most natural way to keep the surface layers of your skin thick and soft.

The reason behind this is because oily skin has the ability to regenerate easier and preserve its natural youthfulness in the long run. 

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4. Resistance to Sun Damage

Oily skin is naturally more resistant to sun damage than other skin types because the excess sebum can act as an extra layer of protection from UV rays, which prevents premature aging and other signs of skin damage. However, regardless of your skin type, you should incorporate sunscreen as part of your everyday beauty routine. 

5. Natural Dewy Skin 

It seems like everywhere we turn, celebrities and models are showing off their gorgeous glowy skin that looks healthy and flawless all the time. The good news is, people with oily skin can easily achieve that radiant skin glow and keep the shine in check. Thanks to the natural sheen of sebum produced by your skin, you’ll be good to go just after a few dashes of powder. 

6. Requires Less Skin Care Application

You can think of the sebum as a built-in moisturizer that helps your skin remain smooth and less wrinkled, even with just a few layers of skin care treatments. Hence, you don’t need to apply tons of anti-aging creams to protect your skin and make it smooth. People with other skin types may have to suffer from dryness as they age, but that is not the case with you, since your skin will most likely remain moisturized and supple throughout the years.

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