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Skin Care Routine for Acne Prone Skin

Treating skin that is acne prone is not as difficult as we make it out to be. It requires the right knowledge and information. Not many people are aware of this and therefore we thought it would be a good idea to share some useful information about skin care routine for acne prone skin. We have options to use natural means to overcome this problem, or there could be other conventional ways that could address the problem. 

What is Prone Skin?

It is quite common to come across men and women who often see the development of acne on the neck, shoulders, face, back and chest. There could be many reasons for this and in most cases it is because of the wrong functioning of the sebaceous glands.

These glands produce excess sebum when compared to other types of skin. The full form of Acne is Acne Vulgaris and it is caused mostly by infected and inflamed sebaceous glands. It mostly impacts adolescents but many people who are well into adulthood are also known to suffer from the impact of such prone skin. 

Women perhaps are more susceptible to it. Many women experience this problem when they are just around 16 years old and it stays with them till they are 25 and beyond. Some people suffer from persistent or even late-onset of acne. This is referred to as Acne Tarda.

Hence, it is important to understand, diagnose and isolate the main reason for acne. As mentioned above, the mischief mongers are the sebaceous glands that produce excess sebum and this leads to infection. There are many approaches to treating this problem. We will have a look at the same over the next few lines. 

6 Skin Care Routine for Acne Prone Skin

1. Identify the Skin Type

It is easy to pick up an acne product from the market. However, you must be careful when doing so. To begin with, not all skins are the same and therefore you must spend some time understanding your skin type. You cannot have a brush that can paint all types of acne related problems.

In other words, you cannot expect that any acne lotion or ointment that you pick up from the market will work across all skin types. You must understand that our skin types can be divided into five major categories.

They are normal, oily, dry, combination and sensitive. Hence, if you are suffering from acne, you must first identify the right skin type before going in for treatment. 

2. Use a Gentle Cleanser

To begin with the best skin care routine for acne prone skin begins by using a gentle cleanser. Do not go in for synthetic and harsh cleansers. Cleansers should act softly and help you to get rid of oil, dirt and makeup from your face. 

3. Allow Time for Your Skin to Dry

Use a soft cloth or tissue paper to dab your face dry and ensure that your skin is bare. Allow some time for the drying process and experts ideally recommend that you should allow the face at least an hour for drying.

Avoid the temptation and overcome the habit of touching your face with your hands. You will be spreading infection and it may lead to a worsening of the problems related to acne. 

4. Use right Toner

Once the cleaning process is over is to apply natural toners. These toners help in opening the pores. They also help in making the skin for the ready step and therefore toning has to be done carefully.

5. Moisturizing

Our skin tends to become dry quite rapidly. Therefore after toning, the next important step is to choose a soft, smooth and natural moisturizer. All skin types including oily skin need moisturizing. This is contrary to the popular belief that oily skin does not require moisturizing. 

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6. The Importance of SPF – Morning and Evening

There are some things that are considered non-negotiable if you wish to stay away from Acne, especially if you have acne prone skin. You must not forget to apply SPF every single day.

This is irrespective of the type of skin that you may have. While going in for SPF cream or lotion both during the morning and evening is recommended, you must not forget to use SPF during the morning.

Yes, some SPFs clog pores but this should not be the reason to stay away from it. You must again go through the process of CTM and then ensure that you apply SPF on a regular basis. 


We hope that the above would have given our readers a reasonably good insight into some proven and time tested ways for skin care routine for acne prone skin. The steps mentioned above are quite easy and it is all about falling into the groove and being disciplined about it.

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